Wednesday, October 11, 2006

And now for something different...

So usually I stay away from political commentary, at least on my blog, but since I have no knitting updates (but I did get a chapter out), I would just like to make a few comments.

If you have the chance catch the documentary When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts. Currently this one HBO, and anyone with on demand can order it and I would highly recommend it. Spike Lee directs this film about Katrina and New Orleans. It is beautiful and sad and compelling. And they have some awesome interviews, I especially liked the one with Soladad O’Brien (who I used to watch the Today show for). If you weren’t still pissed of at the Bush administration (and if you aren’t, well that’s a problem for another day), then you will be when you see the failure of Bush and the Louisiana state government to work together and get people the hell out. For some reason we can air drop water to Taiwan within twenty-four hours, but we can’t get to the Superdome? And what the hell does Homeland Security do? Even if you think that people should have gotten out, that the failure was at the local level you have to admit that you too are a bit worried. Worried that the lesson from Katrina is that the federal government can not evacuate a major urban city in less than a week, in the face of disaster. What if a bomb went off in Chicago or Atlanta or Dallas? What we saw if that no one will get out, you will sit in some shelter in place in hopes that you can survive long enough for someone, anyone to come get you. But I digress, just watch the movie.

On the knitting front, I wish that I could show you what I have been up to, but what I have been up to is writing and no knitting. But I am close to finishing the blanket that I am crocheting for my new niece and I will post pics when I am done. On that notes I also would like to retract the comment I made about my mother in law. She is a wonderful and witty woman who would never kill me for something as like crocheting. Especially since she knows she would get Jeff back. Of course I hope she will forgive me for my comments, but I know she will because she has a big heart and she is so, so pretty.

I promise to post some pics of the new bath and kitchen soon, I have to get Jeff to clean up again because I am just too busy trying to write a damn book!


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