Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tori Spelling is totally copying me!

I finally got around to watching the season premiere of Tori and Dean tonight (hey I have a small child who really eats into my TV watching time!) (oh and I will defend watching this show in a sec). Anyhow, she called her little girl buggie and I totally shouted at the TV, “Copy Cat!!!” Because of course that is what I call Lilly. Now I have gotten a few strange looks from that one in public, but as they usually do, the nickname just developed. When we first brought bug home from the hospital all crinkly and new Jeff called her bug a boo. It stuck, at least for me, and that got shortened to bug and now buggie. Hey she even answers to it. So from me it is buggie or buggie bear and for some reason Jeff calls her boom-boom. Whatever, I think that we definitely need another kid soon who can take some of our focus off of buggie. I mean the girl is probably blinded from photos and videos and would like a break. Sometimes she will even take her toy and walk away from us to play by herself. Of course it will eventually send me into therapy, but I guess if she is going to be Miss Independent like I was I should get used to it now.

So anyhow, back to Tori and Dean. I started to watch this show like I started a lot of others in the past year and a half, in the middle of the night feeding and rocking a newborn. Or even in the middle of the day when my 2-4 month old would sleep contented in my arms for two hours, but wake right back up when you tried to lay her down. This had me stuck to the couch for hours on end. And at that time lifetime would run marathons of Tori and Dean because they were starting a new season. I was leery at first because all I knew of Tori Spelling was that she was on 90201. And I won’t lie I totally watched that show, to the end, even when they were in college. And she was never my favorite character. But surprisingly she was really funny, and she was real. Look I am not a sentimental touchy feely person, but when you are all sleep deprived and hormonal you tend to connect with other women in the same state. Tori’s little boy, at the time they filmed the show, was about the same age as bug (in reality he is a year older). So I was draw to someone going through the same issues. So what, I like her now. I even read her book, I am even going to go out and get the new one. I like her, even if she is trying to copy me, because who could blame her, I am cool. At least she is not like that J. Lo who got married the same day I did, and then got knocked up the same time, we even had the same due dates. Let’s face it J.Lo was just trying to steal my thunder.

*** I do not actually believe that Tori Spelling is copying me or J. Lo is trying to steal my thunder, these people do not know who I am. I am not crazy, just trying to be funny.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's New?

So what do you think of my new layout? I really like it, I just decided that I wanted something new and les scrap-booky. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I enjoyed it for awhile but as anyone who knows me would tell you I tend to change styles and hobbies fairly regularly. Since it is my one creative outlet I usually go with whatever I am feeling. Soccer mom today? Preppy? Bohemian? Just go with what works for me that day. I really started wanting to redo this layout when I realized that Lilly is now 15 months old and all the header pics were from last fall when she was 6-8 months old. Now I did not do much for this layout except to download some code from Simply Fabulous blogs. Check this site out seriously because this lady is awesomely talented. THe picture in the header is also not mine, I do plan to replace it with one of my pics, but I have not found anything that I really think will fit, so for now I am keeping it, I do really like it. I am still working on the pics from Disney (I know it has been like 2 months) but I am running into some trouble with photoshop. So instead enjoy these pics that I took of Lilly last week on campus while we waited for Jeff to finish a meeting

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birthday Party Part 2

Still trying to catch up here, so yes these are still from the party in Febuary. The pictures were all taken by our friend Brent who agreed to be the photog for us, but I did all the post processing.

First some more cake pictures. Lilly enjoyed the frosting, but was a little too prissy to really get messy. Maybe she is my daughter.

After cake it was onto a very fun Polish tradition for babies on their first birthday. So this is how it works, you take a shot glass, a rosery and a coin and put them all in front of the baby and see which one they go for first. The rosery means that they will lead a rleigious life, the coin they will be financially successful and the shot glass, well you get the picture. Of course being Polish and Irish I really thought that Lilly would go for the shot glass right away, but she went for the coin.
Actually she went for the coin just slightly before she went for the rosery. She completely ignored the shotglass, which shocked us all.

And then it was present time. After a quick costume change (Minnie Mouse was full of cake) we opened all the awesome presents that people brought sweet Lilly.

She really wanted to get into her bath toys.

And she liked Thomas the Tank as well.

She was not too interested in unwrapping the paper until she saw that there were toys.

And of course she wanted every present open right away.

"Forget the clothes mom, it's Abby!"

And this about sums it all up. Baby dolls, books and shoes and Lilly wanted to play with them all at the same time.
We had such a good time and Lilly slept well that night.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday Party Part 1

I can not decide if the fact that I have waited until Lilly is almost 15 months old before I posted her First birthday picture was because I am lazy, or if it was just I had not finished post processing the pictures. I am going with the whole I am a pefectionist and needed to work on the pictures some more, not that I just got too busy. But the good news is that I have a lot of pictures of the awesome party.

We went with a Mickey Mouse ClubHouse Theme since, well who are we kidding we are Disney Freaks and Miss Lilly was concieved at Disney World. As you can see we went all out with Mickey Mouse decorations and ordered this awesome cake from Spring Hills Bakery.

We even got Lilly her own smash cake.

And we dressed her up like Minnie Mouse.

We had ears for everyone.

After some yummy hotdogs came the big cake moment. Miss Lilly had a decorated high chair and a princess crown that she was not too sure of. Now these next photos are courtesy of our friend Brent, but I did the post processing.

Then came her very own cake that she could smash all she wanted.

She wasen't sure at first, but soon found the frosting.

Enough for now, the rest of the party pictures coming soon. Oh yeah and pics from Disney World.


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