Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sunshine go away today...

I don’t feel much like dancin’. I love that new Jeep commercial, it makes me happy for reasons I am not quite clear on, one I am sure is because I love my Jeep. Now some people know that buying a Jeep is a lot like joining a cult. All of a sudden you get magazines and jamboree invitations, other Jeep owners wave at you, it’s like a club. And I love my Jeep. Normally it looks much like this, except that it is navy blue and has a sunroof. It is not too big, it’s not too small, it is just right, yes I am Goldilocks. And when I drive it I do feel like dancing. But in the last few weeks my beautiful Jeep has become a wounded soldier. Almost three weeks ago I was rear ended by, and I am not kidding here, a delivery truck working for the school board. I was actually impressed with the beating my Jeep took. I was hit by a truck for the love of God, I thought the whole back end was going to be squished. But it wasn’t, instead I have a broken tail light and bashed in gate, all told almost $3000 of damage. And the kicker? I can’t get it into the body shop until Oct 1rst! So I have been driving a car around with a broken tail light, can anyone guess how long it took before that became a problem? So I called in for a rental car until my car can be fixed, of course at the insurance company’s expense. My mistake was asking for a car that was comparable to my own car, and what I meant was I did not want a compact car, let’s be honest Jeff can’t fit into a compact car. I thought they would give me a sedan, boy was I wrong, because this is what they gave me, oh yes a big honkin’ trailblazer. The thing is HUGE!! I sit so high up and the dashboard is so wide, I never know if I am staying in the lines! I also feel a bit wasteful, me along driving this huge car around. Of course we have already had a problem with the rental car. The first day we had it it came up with a flat tire, this was Tuesday. I would not have though much about it except that we had just changed a flat tire on the Jeep on Saturday, I am sensing a trend here. Fortunately because it was a rental car I did not have to change the tire myself (or rather Jeff didn’t have to change the tire, you really didn’t think I was ever changing attire did you?). But now I am a bit afraid to take any of the cars out, I think the car gods are angry with us I am not sure how to appease them, what does one sacrifice to the car gods? Some fuzzy dice? Well let’s hope next week is better, I had hopes for this one, but that did not work out, so I am looking forward to next week. Wish us luck!

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Joys of West VIrgina

Yesterday I made one of the inevitable mistakes that happens when you live in West Virginia and no where else. Jeff and I were on our way home from Target (how did it happen that I have become so suburbanized that I am at Target at least once a week?) and this little beat up hatchback of indiscernible origin was going super slow. Of course I took great offense to this and yelled (within my car not outside of it, geez, I am not a crazy person) “get out of the way you freaky hippie!” Jeff noticed my mistake right away, this bushy haired and bearded slow moving pile of rusted car was not hippie, it was mountain man. Now this is a mistake that happens often here in WV, but I think it is an ironic one none the less.

Now first we must say shame on me for seeing a great mass of hair and a crappy car at least 15 years old and jumping to conclusions, but when I am behind the wheel of a car people should really leave me alone (or I should not be allowed to drive) but seriously, if you get on the road, drive correctly! Anyway, I am sorry (not really) and let’s move on. So normally when you confuse stereotypes of people they are not so diametrically opposed, I mean rarely does one yell “punk” when they mean “young Republican.” But in WV it is quite easy to mistake mountain man for hippie, it actually happens all the time because unless said mountain man is wearing his buckskins, it is difficult to differentiate one from the other from 10 feet away. Now you will find these people at the same place occasionally, say a mountain top removal protest, but that is about it. When seeing a hippie up close the mountain man might mumble under his breath “dirty secular liberal” and the hippie might shake his head and wish to Buddha that the mountain man come to his sense and vote Democrat, which is why I think the all too common mistaken identity is just one of the fun things about living in WV!

New topic, here are a few pics of the sweater I am trying to complete for my new neice or newphew who will be here at the end of Nov. Now I know I have time, but I may not make it! Why? Because I can not get this $#^#@^$ neckband to knit up right! I have tried with DPN and circs, but it juts won't work. DO you think the new baby will really need a neckband? But I have yet to start anything for my own little ski on the way. I am hoping that the weather will turn soon because I do not feel much like knitting when it is 102 outside! But I know that will not happen until Oct. so I should just bite the bullet and start something new! ENough for now, coming soon, though pics of the damage to the new jeep!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

I've been tagged!

So I have been tagged, which actually makes me happy, I have never been tagged before, by my cousin in-law over at mylifewithdogs. Of course if you asked anyone they would swear he is actually related to us by more than marriage (which would really freak out his wife to whom I am actually related). But since I have been tagged here we go with six weird things about me. Of course most readers will not be surprised by this list because I am never one to hide the weirdness, I am right up front with it.

But never the less, here goes……

I am a sucker for any movie that is big and pretty. Titanic? Moulin Rogue? I loved ‘em, I don’t care about plot or character or pacing, is it big and pretty? Then I will watch it twenty times, I will also always pick the action flick over the romantic comedy every time. Right now I can not wait for Shoot ‘em Up to come out because it looks awesome! Especially the helicopter stunts.
I really, really want to like sushi, but I don’t. I am not sure why I really want to like it except that it seems so sophisticated and chic to say things like, well we went for sushi. I have tried really hard, I have eaten a lot of different kinds of sushi, but they all feel like rubber and make me want to spit it out in a napkin (which, on occasion, I have done). I am also so stubborn I will probably never give up trying to like sushi.
I have a very strange love/hate relationship with coffee. I love it, but after two cups it hates me. If I had my druthers I would drink coffee all day everyday, but my stomach disagrees. And of course now that I am pregnant I don’t drink it at all because it seems the baby does not like coffee the way I do, which makes me wonder if this kid is really mine. I also wish that there were a Starbuck’s on every corner for my own convenience.
I continuously find it amazing that students write down stuff that I say. Now I know consciously that I am the professor and that I make up the tests and quizzes and grade the papers, so what I say should be written down and studied. But I still find it disconcerting that students take my knowledge and apply it to stuff, I am half afraid at some point one of them will accuse me of being a fake and not knowing what the hell I am talking about and I will freeze and agree with them.
I enjoy some hard core rap, like Emiem and Kanye West. People will look at me and say, uh..excuse me but don’t you write and study feminist theory? Yes, and yes I am a feminist, but I believe that some of these artists rise above the bitches and hoes crap and actually create art. I do not believe that everything is art, but I do believe that anything can be art which is why I enjoy these guys.
I tend to get obsessive about stuff. I will find a TV show that I enjoy in syndication and then watch every one until I have seen them all. After that I usually lose interest. I will also start new hobbies a lot. I will see something that looks interesting and usually teach myself how to do it. Once I have mastered it, it usually goes away. There are some exceptions, I still knit.

Now I though about writing about how I am not a spur of the moment kind of person and research everything thoroughly before I make any decision, but most people know that about me anyway, it is part of my A type personality.
I will take this opportunity to tag everyone over at Killarneysirishblog, because they all need something more to do now that school has started! HAHAHA I would also like to thanks the Swansons for this opportunity to write about something, I think Greg will be my inspirtation to keep up more on this blog! Coming in the next few days, the damage to the new jeep because some guy in a delivery truck hit me!


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