Monday, June 14, 2010

Ouch- No really ouch!

So let’s be honest- I will be 35 in July- so the thought that after a good two years of sitting on my ass I could just get right back into working was obviously a misjudgement. But I didn’t think I would be this sore! As you know my fitness plan was derailed by a nasty cold for a week- but this past week- oh I have been so very good. I did cardio four days, Pilates three times and swimming with the bug four days this week- including her first swim lesson. Now I can barely move. It’s not like I really over did it- I mean I walked on the treadmill and rode a stationary bike for an hour (30 minutes of each) and I didn’t take it too fast because let’s face it I have not really done much besides some yoga for the last couple of years- and I stretched before and after- but oh dear god am I feeling my age this morning. This exercise thing is really making me face my age- and the fact that the bug is getting older as well. Let me explain.

The Y has childcare for members as they work out for $2 an hour- which is awesome because the excuse I have been using for the last two years is- when I have the time to work out I do not have childcare. This totally solved my problem, but I was worried about leaving the bug in a room with some other kids and strangers. I mean the kid has hardly even had babysitters that are not related to her. And she spends her days with her dad and me- so I wondered how she would take being dropped off for an hour. Of course I also hoped this would be good for her, because while I suffer through kindermusic so that she can get some social time in, I thought maybe she was at a point where she needed some more interaction with other kids. But I worried she would cry- or worse be an absolute brat- all while I was walking briskly and trying not to sing Glee songs outloud. But to my surprise she was a perfect angel- seriously the child care ladies loved her and went on and on about what a good girl she was- I thought maybe they should come home and see this kid in action when she refuses to take a nap and then throws her dinner on the dog- not to the dog- on the dog. I warned them when we dropped her off for the first time that she didn’t go to daycare or anything- so if she started to get cranky then they could get me and I would just take her home. But when I came back an hour later with two grubby dollars in my hand the bug was lining up plastic dinosaurs. They went on and on about how good she was, they couldn’t believe that she didn’t go to some sort of outside care because she played with the other kids and totally entertained herself with toys. I was a bit shocked and actually so were they. One nice lady was telling me how most stay at home moms (dude I am not explaining our very complicated situation-) have a very hard time working out because their kids don’t do well in this setting. But not my kid- and the second day she ran into the room without a backward glance at me. Thanks kiddo. Between that and the overwhelming cries of “I do” that I hear all day I think she will be leaving for college soon.

And me- well I am having to face my age as well. As I have laid on the couch and whined to whomever will listen about how sore I am I couldn’t help but think back to a time when I did more than walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes and never had a problem- of course I was 16. I know it is probably hard for you to image me as an athlete- I know. I mean I was never the best but I was fine for high school. I played volleyball and softball- I also did dance and baton twirling ( and yep I twirled fire- it is awesome). And I was in good shape- now 15 years later I have post baby abs and a real reluctance to take the stairs anywhere. In the last few years I have done some yoga and Pilates- but not consistently or hard, so now I am paying the price- even my fingertips hurt. I was reading somewhere (don’t ask me where- I read a lot of stuff I can’t remember it all) that you should think of a goal so that you don’t slack off from working out. Now something I have always wanted to do is learn to run- like really run. I have always wanted to be one of those people who were all “I’m going for a run” but I never have been. Even when I was in good shape I dreaded the Presidential fitness test where I had to run a mile- like seriously dreaded it- because I could never run the full mile. But my secret wish has always been to be a runner. Maybe that could be a goal for me- I am not sure how to actually do this- but I’m an academic, I’ll read some books!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It's all so quiet

I am in love with this video- have you seen it? It's like Bjork but less crazy. Now I want to go to Iceland because how could it not be awesome?

Inspired by Iceland Video from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


It all started with some heather.

This spindly purple plant that just sat on a makeshift end-cap in the garden section of Lowes. We had gone there for some hanging plants for the front porch- but the heather came home with us too. I know nothing about gardening, or flowers and I have successfully killed every green thing that I have brought into my house, but for some reason I wanted that heather to come home with me. We had some planters in the garage that were left by the previous owners, still occupied by dead and brittle plants and I envisioned sitting on the front porch with Lilly and replanting that Heather, recycling what might have been trash, pushing my hands into the dirt and feeling it ooze between my fingers. Maybe taking a break from intellectualizing, get back to some basics. But a question kept lingering in my mind- is this me? Am I person who gardens? I guess the answer is yep.

Anyone who knows me knows that when I set my mind to something I do it; some people call this trait stubborn- I like to call it persistence- I mean I am the person who taught herself to knit from a book. And I never do anything half-way, so I also bought a little package of gardening tools-

which matching pink Dora ones of course so that I could appease my small helper. Add an appropriate sized watering can for us each and we were on our way. First of course, Lilly had to skip around the yard-

hopefully wearing herself out for a nap. And then we had to play with the plotting soil for a while before we actually used it to plant anything. It was messy, but fun.

We didn’t forget the hanging plants- I think they looked great on the front porch (yes I said looked, here’s a hint- don’t get attached to them).

And that heather-which I thought I would put on the porch on either side of the steps to the house actually went down into the yard where it would get a bit more sun.

And then it was time to give them a little drink of water-, which included Lilly watering some dandelions, over and over again.

She really enjoyed the watering of the dandelions, which gave us a small flood near the porch. But hey we had puddles without the rain, so I call it a win!

The heather, which I though would be thorny, is actually very soft and tough it seems, especially with the way my assistant handled the potting.

I am convinced now, of course that I need to tackle the flower beds in the front yard which haven’t been touched in, I would guess, years. But the front yard is pretty shady- so we will have to pick something that can grow without a lot of direct sunlight. I have also decided to dry a raised bed garden in the backyard, maybe grow some veggies and the next project which is going to be the back deck with some container gardening. I don’t know I guess I am still trying to figure out what I want to do to fill up my time this summer- you know besides the two year old.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Snow Day in 70 Degrees

For the last week we have had the most beautiful weather, in the 60's and 70's, gorgeous spring weather. This is strange because two weeks ago we were playing in snow. So in celebration of the final arrival of spring, I wanted to share the memories of our last day of snow. And for all my midwestern friends, sorry to bring this up and also don't worry- it will get colder before it gets warmer around here. And late May early June is always cold and wet, so probably don't come visit then.

Lilly of course loved the snow, and she looked fabulous in her awesome pink snowsuit that I found for $25 at Marshalls!

Of course she could barely walk in all of the layer of clothes we had her wrapped in. Of course it did not stop her from rolling around in the white stuff.

But I did manage to get some other pictures of something other than Lilly in between telling her to stop eating the snow already!

But all bets were off when the sled came out. Jeff is particularly proud of the sled which he found at the 217th place we looked for one after we got the first of lots of snow back in December. I think he was just excited to have a yard that we could sled in.

And she made her dad drag her up the very small hill more times than I could count- and then demanded that she be pushed down the hill on her sled while she yelled "weee!!" and the held up the rope as soon as she got to the bottom saying "again!!"

Eventually, pink cheeks and soaking wet socks took us inside for some hot chocolate for adults and chocolate milk for Lilly.

It was a great day, and I got to wear my new pink wellies.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


We are busy painting and arranging and arranging again at the new house we have found that some of our things that were so perfect at the old house are not working so well at the new house. Specifically our dining room table. Now as I have fallen in love with this ranch, you know the house style I said that I did not want, I have also fallen in love with just going with the style and not trying to make everything look like I am decorating an old Victorian. This is our dining space,

right off of the kitchen and leading to the family room (although you have the backwards view here). Our large heavy and dark dining room table is taking up the whole space and frankly looks a bit out of place. I have been trying to make it work and honestly we could set up a more formal dining space in the large front room, but honestly I like the dining space so close to the kicthen, it makes feeding Lilly so much easier. And my design philosophy is pretty, but a pretty were you can spill.

I am not a big fan of really pretty houses that look perfect but don't look like children live there and I wonder where they play. I want a place where Lilly can run free and nothing is really off limits and if it is then it is high up. My house needs to absorb spilled sippy cups and goldfish cracker crumbs, so a formal dining room would just not be practical. But we totally happened upon a solution, and what a modern mid-century solution it is.

As we were walking through Target there it sat in all of it's shiny glory. It is perfect, a perfect size, perfect design and perfect price. We left without it so we could discuss what we already knew, should it come home with us? My resistance was only that we just bought our old dining room tables about a year and a half ago, wouldn't it be a waste. Then Jeff convinced me with the perfect argument. If we get the new table then the old one can become my craft table in the basement. Sold!

So it looks like we will be given into temptation, and it feels so good!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The 2nd Bithday arrives with a wimper and a bang....

And I mean that literally. Today’s birthday was a bit anti-climatic after spending her birthday eve in urgent care with what is called “nursemaid’s elbow,” which is basically a dislocation of the elbow joint. This she accomplished when she tried to yank her arm away to go find something much more interesting than paint samples at Lowes. Fortunately there was an urgent care like right across the street and with very few tears the doctor popped it back into place. Which of course meant that today, Lilly’s second birthday was a little less dramatic. She had a fabulous Ariel dress to wear but decided that it needed some color in the form of a crayon. No troubles though for her intrepid mother who just threw another dress on her and out the door we went to school where daddy had a meeting. Ever the thoughtful girl Lilly insisted that we stop to bring all her friends at school some cupcakes, which of course we did and Lilly only ate three herself. Well she ate one whole cuppycake and then the frosting off of two others. After a very quick nap she was up and at ‘em but required another clothing change as she insisted “tutu momma.” The tutu did not exactly go with her pretty dress and the fact that she was trying to rip it from her body meant that we got an entire new outfit constructed around the tutu. Next on the agenda was a good amount of time spent down in the basement with her birthday gift, a giant train table. I mean really it is huge, and really we were going to the get the smaller one, but then the bigger one was on sale for the same price, so yeah you know, she got the big one. Choo-Choo play was followed by a dinner of spaghetti, Lilly’s favorite and of course some cake and ice cream, which we all enjoyed, and Lilly even blew out her own candles!

Now last year I made a slide show of her last year and I wrote her a letter, something I would like to do again this year but I have to admit that the time got away from me, so that will have to come this weekend. But for now some pictures of a happy two year old with a fully functioning elbow and chocolate cake!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The begining.....

So this is my new house, a rambling ranch that now needs to be decorated. I may have started my new project. Right now I am thinking mid century modern by way of shabby chic (do they call it that anymore?). I am not sure where to start- but the still packed boxes need to be dealt with sooner rather than later. This should be quite the journey.


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