Sunday, February 28, 2010


We are busy painting and arranging and arranging again at the new house we have found that some of our things that were so perfect at the old house are not working so well at the new house. Specifically our dining room table. Now as I have fallen in love with this ranch, you know the house style I said that I did not want, I have also fallen in love with just going with the style and not trying to make everything look like I am decorating an old Victorian. This is our dining space,

right off of the kitchen and leading to the family room (although you have the backwards view here). Our large heavy and dark dining room table is taking up the whole space and frankly looks a bit out of place. I have been trying to make it work and honestly we could set up a more formal dining space in the large front room, but honestly I like the dining space so close to the kicthen, it makes feeding Lilly so much easier. And my design philosophy is pretty, but a pretty were you can spill.

I am not a big fan of really pretty houses that look perfect but don't look like children live there and I wonder where they play. I want a place where Lilly can run free and nothing is really off limits and if it is then it is high up. My house needs to absorb spilled sippy cups and goldfish cracker crumbs, so a formal dining room would just not be practical. But we totally happened upon a solution, and what a modern mid-century solution it is.

As we were walking through Target there it sat in all of it's shiny glory. It is perfect, a perfect size, perfect design and perfect price. We left without it so we could discuss what we already knew, should it come home with us? My resistance was only that we just bought our old dining room tables about a year and a half ago, wouldn't it be a waste. Then Jeff convinced me with the perfect argument. If we get the new table then the old one can become my craft table in the basement. Sold!

So it looks like we will be given into temptation, and it feels so good!

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