Sunday, November 13, 2005

Harry Potter and Bears foorball

At first glance this may seem like a strange combination, but for me, the sixth Harry Potter book and the Bears in the background is the perfect Sunday. After my weekly cleaning (which is ultimately necessary because with all hard wood floors the cat hair has nowhere to go,) I am happy to chill out Indian Style (yes I said it! Some things will not be given over to the PC thought police!) on my bed with all of the pillows (yes I stole Jeff’s) and read Harry Potter in-between listening to the Bears. Unfortunately I did say listen because living in West Virginia means that the Bears are not usually on the TV, and sauntering into a sports bar with Harry Potter under my arm causes some strange stares. The fans around here all seem to be Steelers fans, and I have to admit that after only three months living here, I have begun to really dislike the Steelers. Why? A few reasons, the fans here are obnoxious, and this is coming from me, so you know it’s bad. The second reason? I can’t stand teams who feel the need to run up the score while keeping in their first string in, risking injury. It’s un-sportsmanlike and a just plain stupid strategy. Of course I was a bit smug when their QB Roth-something got hurt, it really serves them right for keeping him in when they are up 30 points in the fourth quarter. Do you know how happy the Bears would be to sit our QB? Believe me, we would like the opportunity to put a QB on the bench because we are up and not because he is hurt! But back to my point.

A nice Sunday when my house is clean and the Bears are on a winning streak is only made better by having some down time to read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince. I got this last installment last week after burning through books 4 and 5 pretty quickly, but I am savoring this last one, because there is not, as of yet, a book seven to run out and get. Jeff is afraid that I am turning into one of those people, but until I dress up like Hermione and begin to curse him, he will have to live with my new found love. And for all the times that I resent West Virginia for not having the Bears on television, I do have to say that not teaching as much has given me some more free time to read fun books that have nothing to do with my dissertation. (which is coming along…don’t rush me, a scholar needs some space!). And so I sit here on a nice cool autumn Sunday, waiting for the Bears to start with Harry Potter by my side, and I am happy!!!! What makes this better? The Bears and WINNING!!! A four game streak and yes I am aware that my writing this I may in fact be jinxing us, but I have to say it, football is good when the Bears are winning and the Packers are losing!!!!!! And while I say this I am throwing salt over my shoulder that we don’t have any horrible injuries and can at least get into the playoffs, but even if we don’t? A winning season is better then nothing!! GO BEARS!!!!!!


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