Monday, August 28, 2006

Is it 1993?

This is the thought I had last week when I was driving to school at 7:15 am for my 8 am class and all of a sudden Depeche Mode came on the radio. For a moment I thought I was warped back in time to senior year of high school. I almost panicked, but then reality set back in and I was a bit irritated that Depeche Mode would be a “flashback song,” I am not that old!

School started last week and so far so good. I like my classes and I LOVE my office. It is my own office, I have to share with no one and it is right across the hall from Jeff. We are at the very end of the hall and are awaiting a hanging sign that says “The Pietruszynskis’” with two arrows. I am decorating my office, but a little at a time because I would like it to be just right and I am still trying to figure out how. Of course the thing that I really want I can not have! I want a white desk caddy that is wood and has those three little places for pictures in the front. I remember that I saw them everywhere a few years back, but now the only place I can find them is Pottery Barn! I swear that I have looked online and in every store within the city limits of Charleston, and some outside of it! I mean all I want is a silly desk caddy that I won’t pay an arm and a leg for (hello pottery barn, I know you’re snooty, but come on!) but no, I am thwarted at every attempt!!!! But other then that, love the new office.

One other thing that has taken me back in time is the undeniable fact that Friday, I got bangs. Now they are not across the forehead bangs, they are layered in the rest of my hair, and they look very cute. But the last time I had bangs I curled them up and hairsprayed the hell out of them while I ratted. Yes, mall hair. All of these things have set me a bit on edge, am I in 2006? Did I wormhole it back to ’93? Or maybe I need more coffee!

I have some knitting to update later, but still haven’t charged the camera!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Things you can no longer do after 30...

These would include, but are not limited to: splitting a bottle of vodka with a friend while getting drunkity drunk drunk, smoking far too many cigarettes while doing so, thinking I can still do three pirouettes in a row and eating too many pizza rolls both in the above mentioned drunkity drunk drunk state. There are others to add, but my mother reads this blog. But it has been a fun few days visiting with an old friend. I had forgotten how much the mountains freaked me out when I first moved here, now I whip around windy roads without a care for the shear drop or the signs for falling rocks. Frankly I don’t hold much with those signs, I have not seen one rock fall since I have been here! I had also not thought too much about my house sitting on the downside of the mountain where my second story sits eye level with the street, but seeing it through new eyes has brought a freshness to WV that I have not had since I moved.

I am some what unpacked here, the kitchen and the bath are set up, but in the other rooms boxes are stacked neatly with the things that go in that room, waiting patiently for me (and yes it is me, my hubby would just put everything in the wrong place) to put them away. But tonight I am wiped and so it will be an evening of Firefly DVDs and lounging, I will start on my study tomorrow because I need to get that damn diss finished. But there is also laundry to do, a dog in desperate need of bathing and yesterday I finally got cable!!! So what the hell is a girl to do? Waste time, it seems updating her blog.

Friday, August 04, 2006

That is an insult to Monkeys!

Ok so yesterday Jeff and I took like the millionth trip to Target because when you move you some how need crap that you don’t already have, and because your house is a mess and you have boxes everywhere you can never remember everything so you have to go back a lot. Anyway, so there we were turning into the Shops at Trace Fork, because stores along the street just will not work, suburban America needs multiple stores in one area with parking lots that mean you will spend longer in line to get out then actually in the store. But back to my story, so there we are trying to turn when we notice that there are two men standing in the grassy knoll, if you will, by the opening and they are, ready for this? Holding two large, almost as big as them, blow up monkeys who are wearing mortarboards and holding diplomas that say PhD (the monkeys that is, not the men). They men are waving the hands of the monkeys at passerby’s and holding signs that read “Evolution is a lie.”

Well. I didn’t quite know what to do but my first reaction was to laugh my ass off. And by the time I had stopped we were at Target and I had not thought to take a picture or yell something clever yet snappy, something like “Nice Monkey!” The best part if as we walked to the car and put away our booty I was asking Jeff what exactly he thought I should yell out the window when the van next to us opened up and out came the men. I don’t know if they heard me or not, but I hope they did since they ran away before I could get a picture!

On another note I did a lot of unpacking today because my sweet Rho is coming for a visit on the spur of the moment. We have a whole day planned and I will take pics if I can find the box with the charger in it! As I was unpacking today I came across some photo albums I haven’t looked through in awhile, although I can tell you when I got a digital camera because the photos in the album stop there! There were some great ones from year one and two of ISU, and I had a great time laughing through them. A few things struck me, one I look good in long hair, and two my memory is either completely gone or photographic, there is no in between. Nothing is hazy, I either remember a time or I don’t. And I obviously have no concept of time. When looking at pics from year one I kept thinking, where the hell is Nikki? It didn’t occur to me at first that she is not there because she literally was not there, I guess I always think of her around because she is so much fun that I have transported her in time. Hope you don’t mind sweetie!

The best and worst of the walk down memory lane was when I came across pictures of a friend who was recently called away way, way, too soon. I laughed as I cried because I could just imagine the comments he was making as I was taking the pictures, in his dulcet tones and complete southern charm. Berto you were truly a southern gentleman and the kindest spirit I have ever known. I can only imagine that you were taken too soon because you were too good for this world. We miss you.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mission Moving Completed

So we are all moved into the new house, and as soon as I unpack some more boxes I will take some pics and post them. I would actually take some pics now, but the camera battery is dead and I have no idea which box the charger is in. We were done moving on Sat. and by Sunday at noon we had completely cleaned the old place. I did lose a toenail in the process, but since our landlord was so impressed with the cleaning job that he has already given us back our deposit I think it might have been worth it. Of course it was painful and looks awful, I think I will live. At least it is summer and I can get away with sandals, and hopefully by the time I need closed toed shoes I will have a new toenail. But I must say that one should never be allowed to google their medical malaise because I am now convinced that I will get a horrible infection and then they will have to take the toe. Or that I have damaged the root so badly that the nail will never grow back. I can think of nothing more horrible, I love strappy shoes; I can not go my life without them!

In the time since I last wrote I turned 31, which was a bit depressing, but I have decided that once I turn 32 that is it and I am done, I will stay 32 until the lie is not convincing anymore. My birthday was fun, we saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and Jeff made me dinner with my favorite wine. And then I spent all my time divided evenly between packing, writing and summer school. Now I am enjoying my vacation by writing and watching the four channels that I have right now because cable can not be hooked up until next week. One would think it wouldn’t take that long, but I think that we are being punished. You see we decided to get direct tv, and cancelled our cable service. But then we could not get a satellite signal, damn mountain! So I had to slink back to cable, and I think the long wait is punishment for leaving in the first place. I would like to say that without TV we have been doing much more intellectual stuff, but that would be untrue. Instead we signed up for Netflix and have been watching the complete Firefly series. Now this was recommended to me, but by the time I started to watch it, it was cancelled. So I have decided to catch up through the DVD set, it has been fun, but not so much for you because that means I have not been doing much to keep you all entertained. I will take some pics as I unpack and let you all se the new house.


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