Friday, August 29, 2008

Catching Up Part I

Wow where in the heck did the summer go? School started this week and I realized that so much has happened since I last posted that I may need more than one catch up post. So where did I leave off? Oh yeah, July. Well July was a very busy month with a lot of traveling and much fun to be had by all. Fist at the end of June Jeff had a birthday in which he turned the big ol’ 34. This did not seem to bother him at all, but I think that is because the x-box 360 soften the blow. Lilly finally got to try out her excersaucer and to no one’s surprise she loves it!

Soon after the 4th we were off to Columbus for the weekend. MomP came down for 5 days for a visit and she flew into Columbus so instead of just making a day trip, we got a hotel room and made a weekend of it. Miss Lilly enjoyed the zoo, especially the aquarium and although we did not get a lot of pics because it was rainy off and on, we did see some kitties, just like Ella and Louie. MomP got in with no problems and before I knew it it was my birthday and I got exactly what I wanted, a big cookie. I was a bit more upset about turning 33, and I am still dealing with that but I am trying to move on! MomP’s visit was too short and soon we all piled in the car to head for Chicago and a family reunion. It was great fun and Miss Lilly had lots of fun out with Grandma and Grandpa and meeting s few of her cousins for the first time.

She also really enjoyed her bouncy seat at grandma’s.
The week came to an end and we were off once again to visit my parents in the QC. There was more hanging out with the grandparents and aunts and uncles as well as a cool party at Aunt La’s, but there are too many pics to post from that leg of the trip, so I will save it for catching up part two.


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