Monday, July 07, 2008

Hair Envy

Miss Lilly is getting so big that I can hardly believe that she is almost 5 months old! She is eating some solids like and what can I say this girl loves her food! She is still refusing to grow some hair. It doesn’t bother me when people think she’s a boy, but there are lots of super cute hair bows that go with some of her outfits and she can’t wear them. And I am curious what color her hair will come out to be. I agree with my sister-in-law who thinks that it would be funny if we had a blond blue eyed baby. But at this rate I will never find out, although her eyes are still blue. Lilly had her first trip to the park last week, and she seems to enjoy the swings, but did not like the grass touching her feet or hands. What can I say she is her mother’s daughter. She also enjoyed her first Charleston Festivall especially the street fair. Look at the cool catfish they paint here to celebrate local artists. I would like one but you would be surprised how expensive they are! We met up with some friends there and their little one who is about four weeks older than Lilly, and yes I have some hair envy! Miss Lilly is also tiring of her car seat stroller combo because she can’t see everything from that position she we end up carrying her around a lot. I think we may have to go straight to the stroller, but she maybe a bit small yet, for now the Bjorn will have to suffice. We have an eventful few weeks coming up here, GrandmaP is coming for a visit next week and Jeff and I are taking Lilly to the Columbus zoo since she loves animals so much. We are lucky to have a dog and cat that have no problem with being grabbed and pulled. Then we are off to Chicago for a family reunion and then off to the QC for a visit. Should be fun and I will post lots of pics when we get back!


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