Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Coming Home

Now anyone who knows me know that even in huge pregnancy I am a bit of a clothes horse. I like to shop and I enjoy having a large selection of outfits in the hopes that one will fit the mood that I am in when I am ready to get dressed. This process is sometimes easy as I think about what I want to wear before I get upstairs to actually put on clothes. But other times it is not so easy, I put on an outfit and it just does not work. I just do not feel it. This means that I will try on about 7 different outfits before I am happy with what I finally put on (or run out of time and just go with the last thing). And if the weather is iffy it can throw off my whole tempo and thus that is what has made it almost impossible to pick out a going home outfit for Lilly. First I could not find anything that spoke to me, and try as I might nothing seemed right. Jeff thought this made me a bit crazy as he was loath to admit that this was an important decision. Then I found the cutest little dress that would go perfect with her cute little pooh hoodie, and I just so happened to have a hat ad booties that would work perfectly. See? How cute and perfect is this? Adorable, right? Then came the news, Lilly may be a bit bigger than a normal baby, so the newborn size dress? Well that may be a no go, which meant that I needed a back up plan. So I have this outfit, in a wee bit larger size. It is cute, not as cute as the dress, but such is life. And I will still use the pooh hoodie and the same hat and booties. There, finally I could pack the outfits and be done, one more thing that I could cross off the list. Just then a cold wind blew through, and I mean that literally. A cold wind followed by a drastic drop in temperature and a dusting of snow and it hit me, how in the hell did I know what the weather would be like when Miss Lilly decided to come into this world? I mean this is West Virginia, way worse than the Midwest with the whole, you don’t like the weather? Wait until tomorrow. And this means that even if it was snowy the day I go to have the baby, the weather could be completely different on the day I leave. I needed a new back up plan. I figured that the outfits I had, with blankets and the bundle me could work with mild winter weather, but I needed something for really cold weather that could come anytime (like tomorrow for instance). So we have a really warm sleeper/bunting that could be used along or with one of the other outfits. But how cute is this? Very, I know, but I also know that this could end up never being used, I am at the mercy of the weather gods of West Virginia. I could think of better places to be. And the great saga of Lilly’s coming out outfit has come to an end, but I think she has more space in my hospital bag than I do, but I suppose I should get used to that- the countdown has started, two weeks to my due date.


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