Monday, August 24, 2009

A Ticket to Ride

So a few weeks ago while we were in Illinois my dad convinced us that we should all head over to the County Fair, have some funnel cake, ride the Ferris Wheel and (as it turns out) marvel at some of the home grown fashion. Now as a younger kid I used to love the fair because I loved the rides, now as a grown up and a parent I love watching the kids love the rides. But I will not lie, I also love the funnel cakes.

Dad and Ethan in line for the big slide.

Ethan at the end of his ride.

Lilly coming down the big slide with Uncle Paul, she had a huge smile on her face and demanded more.

Waving bye bye as the Merry go round takes off

Lilly gets a ride from Grandpa

As my brothers family (minus baby Alexis) take a ride on the Ferris Wheel.

Dad and Paul take their lives in their hands as they ride something called a Tomahawk

While the rest of us enjoy the sites

And Lilly passed out

One more spin with my step mother and Ethan had had enough

In the end a fun time was had by all, we all went home with very full bellies and dreams of twinkling lights.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pool Party

So if you did not notice I redid the blog again, it is not that different, but it will allow me to post bigger pictures, which will be nice. But I did create a cool new header in Photoshop with the help of my husband, isn’t it cool? Anyway, enjoy the new layout.
A lot has been going on lately, namely a trip back to Illinois to visit with the family, and I have lots of awesome pictures from our trip. But first I thought I would first share Lilly’s first time with her new splash pad. Instead of a pool you attach the hose to this thing and it sprays water everywhere, she seemed to have a very good time. Enjoy!


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