Thursday, January 26, 2006

New years Resolutions

So I know that I abandoned my blog for over a month, and for that I should be summarily executed, but on the bright side I did so because I saw and spent time with most of the people who read this blog to keep up with my life! And so it is with bowed head that I ask you all to forgive and forget. Not much has been going on for me to write about. The spring semester has started and is looking good. I am teaching two classes I taught last semester, which means that I actually have all the prep worked out. My gender and race class has gotten off to a rousing start; the geniuses that run the school put me and 26 students in a tiny room with only enough space to fit 20 students. Seriously, I had students sitting on the floor before I stole chairs from the room next store! I have fully recovered from all the food I ate over break (really mom and momp, we do have food and we do eat said food, so there is no need to keep feeding us!!!). Jeff has finally gotten everyone on board and as soon as we can get everyone’s schedule together we will be heading to Illinois for him to defend (hopefully in the next couple of weeks)!!!! It is an exciting and happy time!!! And the big news, I will be an auntie again in Sept. YEAH!!!!

So now that you are all caught up I will move on to the new years resolutions (yes I am late, get over it and move on, I have) that I have made this year:

1. Finish that #@%$#@#@#@ dissertation. Yes that sword of Damocles hanging over my head must be finished before it falls and kills me, or I kill someone else. I have made a schedule and I will follow it! I must be my own taskmaster because we all know that Jeff is not very good at such things, he is too laid back and lets me get away with too much procrastination!
2. Finally lose some weight. I was doing pretty well on my “don’t eat McDonalds three times a week” diet before Christmas, but I think I gained it all back over break! The trick, I think, is to work out (says the PhD). I lose weight pretty well when I actually work out, but let’s be honest, I am LAZY when it come to exercising! But again I have made a schedule, and we all know how I live and die by my planner/calendar. If I write it down, I must do it! But I am proud to announce that as I sit here typing I am in pain because I have already worked out three times this week! Yeah me. And I will keep this up so I look good for the Disney Trip, which brings us to….
3. Save, Save. Save. And save some more for a Disney trip in May (yes May, March was not going to work this year). Every time I want to buy something I break out one of my Disney books and it motivates me to not spend and to save the cash! I want to go and be able to do whatever I want when we are there (well within reason, I am still very cheap; I get it from my dad). This means not spending cash because I have it!
4. Getting off caffeine and taking my vitamins. A couple of weeks ago I had so much caffeine I went on a flurry of cleaning where nothing got done because I’d start one project and then move on. It was like I had ADD, I was Louie for a short time. I also do not get the nutrients that I need because I do not eat veggies. This has become the bane of my husband’s existence. Today he said “Will you make our kids eats their veggies” and I said “hell yeah” and he said, “but then they will say mommy doesn’t eat hers” and I said “but I had to when I was a kid”. It was a fun conversation. So what does this mean? That I need to take vitamins! Or actually eat veggies, but I doubt that will happen. I have a warped sense of taste; I’m blaming my mom for not letting me have sugared cereal when I was a kid!

That’s it for now; wow I am exhausted just thinking about all I want to accomplish this year! But hey come back and see how I progress! And of course the one I didn’t number but will do, update my blog more often!
Lova ya all!


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