Monday, March 19, 2007

I Got an Ipod! I Got an Ipod!! I Got an Ipod!!!

Yes it is true, after a couple of months of whining, my husband took me to Target and ordered me to purchase my new ipod!!! I almost thought of waiting until this summer and getting the new iphone, but honestly what the hell would I do with it? I probably wouldn’t even know what the hell to do with something like that and I figure the first few years will be filled with problems that will need worked through and I am not a good beta tester, I am far too impatient. Through research I finally narrowed now what I wanted to the video ipod. I thought the nano colors were cool, but to get one that held at least 500 songs I would spend $50 less then getting the video ipod, and with the video one you can, you know, watch videos and load photos (which of course I have already done). And so the last choice I had to make was color and really it was 50/50. Did I want white or did I want black? I spent some time checking them out and debated the merits of color with Jeff until he decided that he had enough of that and left me to go look at games. In the end I got the black one, and I am happy. I was leaning toward the white one, but everyone has the white one, so to be just a bit different (I mean come on, you really can’t pull of disaffected with an ipod, but the black one? Maybe) I bought the black one. I am not putting it out of the realm of possibility that Johnny Depp called to me from the packaging. I mean he is a pirate and all, somehow at once all dirty and sexy, but hey it’s Johnny Depp, I can’t be held responsible for my actions.

So the nice thing about the new ipods, they come charged. When I bought Jeff his ipod just over three years ago it came in a huge box and had to be charged for like three days (maybe that is an over-exaggeration) so I was happy to start playing right away, except….that when my computer crashed three weeks ago and I had to reset the entire thing it hadn’t wiped out my itunes. I installed the new one, but I don’t have the music that I purchased previously. It turns out that they expect that it is all backed up on your ipod, but when your ipod is already dead, there is no back up. (I know, I know but I worried about backing up the diss, not my music). I have emailed itunes and I hope that they will take pity on me, especially since I just spent an inordinate amount of money on this damn thing. But the new ipod is awesome. It has a huge screen that is also color. I downloaded some pics already and it is awesome! I set it up so that it plays a slideshow when I am listening to music, and of course I bought some new music. Jeff taught me how to listen to Sirius radio online (hey I pay for it) so every time I heard a song I liked I wrote it down (there are a lot of post its on my desk) and I downloaded some today. Once I get my already purchased music and put is some CD’s I will be like 1% on my way to filling up the damn thing!

But the thing to remember is I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new purchase and that means that it may just be a good spring break. Of course from here on out I will be neck deep in my dissertation (the goal being to finish) so don’t expect to hear from me for awhile.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Mid-Week Vent

Ok, so most of the time I use my blog to write about knitting and what I did over the weekend, but today I am irritated at many things and so I vent. I should warn the faint of heart, but I won’t because if you are reading this then you already know my political slant.

I find it all kinds of frightening that outing a CIA spy is not considered treasonous. I mean really, are you f&^^Y& kidding me? How is that not some how treason? She was a SPY. I repeat, a SPY!!!! But no, I guess that if you are the VP you can do whatever the hell you want. You can also, it seems hire a guy who doesn’t remember what he said when and to who. I mean who in the world actually believes that Scooter Libby, who was the chief of staff for the Vice President of the United States, has such a bad memory that he can’t remember what he had been told and when? I mean really? Isn’t one of the main sticking points for holding a position like Chief of staff in the WHITE HOUSE is knowing a lot of people and remembering those people and the information they have given you?
It also scares the sh*! Out of me that the Attorney General can break the law in every imaginable way and still not resign or be booted. I mean how bad does what you did have to be that it doesn’t even fall under the purview of the Patriot Act? I mean this is an act that allows the suspension of habeas corpus, secret wiretapping and secret trials to get secret warrants with little to no evidence. So it is really telling when what you have done isn’t even legal by Patriot Act standards. And on top of that you also intimidate federal prosecutors to hold off on arresting certain people and push to arrest other before the big election. Of yes and fire those people who disagree with you. All of this and no resignation, oh and no word from the White House. WOW.
When children perish tragically in a fire, it makes no difference whatsoever if they were illegal aliens or not. No one bit of difference. Did you hear me Mr. O’Reilly? Oh yeah and 10 year old kidnapping victims most likely assaulted by the pedophile who stole him are not to blame for what has happened to them. Blame the victim is an old game, but blame the victim who is a child? Come on. I have no doubt that you are a culture warrior, but I do doubt is you have a human heart.
I would like every single hatemongering person who makes incendiary statements about homosexuals to think for just one second about how history will judge them. You know those horrible people who justified lynching and fought segregation with their ignorant and racist speech? That is you in 10 years; students will see those comments and wonder at how people could actually treat other human beings that way. Discrimination is discrimination; it is not justified because you say so. You don’t like someone lifestyle? Deal with it because no one should be discriminated against because some small faction of people can’t read the Bible correctly.
I think that is enough for now, I will probably have an FBI file by morning, so if you don’t here from me again, try me at Gitmo.


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