Monday, August 28, 2006

Is it 1993?

This is the thought I had last week when I was driving to school at 7:15 am for my 8 am class and all of a sudden Depeche Mode came on the radio. For a moment I thought I was warped back in time to senior year of high school. I almost panicked, but then reality set back in and I was a bit irritated that Depeche Mode would be a “flashback song,” I am not that old!

School started last week and so far so good. I like my classes and I LOVE my office. It is my own office, I have to share with no one and it is right across the hall from Jeff. We are at the very end of the hall and are awaiting a hanging sign that says “The Pietruszynskis’” with two arrows. I am decorating my office, but a little at a time because I would like it to be just right and I am still trying to figure out how. Of course the thing that I really want I can not have! I want a white desk caddy that is wood and has those three little places for pictures in the front. I remember that I saw them everywhere a few years back, but now the only place I can find them is Pottery Barn! I swear that I have looked online and in every store within the city limits of Charleston, and some outside of it! I mean all I want is a silly desk caddy that I won’t pay an arm and a leg for (hello pottery barn, I know you’re snooty, but come on!) but no, I am thwarted at every attempt!!!! But other then that, love the new office.

One other thing that has taken me back in time is the undeniable fact that Friday, I got bangs. Now they are not across the forehead bangs, they are layered in the rest of my hair, and they look very cute. But the last time I had bangs I curled them up and hairsprayed the hell out of them while I ratted. Yes, mall hair. All of these things have set me a bit on edge, am I in 2006? Did I wormhole it back to ’93? Or maybe I need more coffee!

I have some knitting to update later, but still haven’t charged the camera!

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