Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mission Moving Completed

So we are all moved into the new house, and as soon as I unpack some more boxes I will take some pics and post them. I would actually take some pics now, but the camera battery is dead and I have no idea which box the charger is in. We were done moving on Sat. and by Sunday at noon we had completely cleaned the old place. I did lose a toenail in the process, but since our landlord was so impressed with the cleaning job that he has already given us back our deposit I think it might have been worth it. Of course it was painful and looks awful, I think I will live. At least it is summer and I can get away with sandals, and hopefully by the time I need closed toed shoes I will have a new toenail. But I must say that one should never be allowed to google their medical malaise because I am now convinced that I will get a horrible infection and then they will have to take the toe. Or that I have damaged the root so badly that the nail will never grow back. I can think of nothing more horrible, I love strappy shoes; I can not go my life without them!

In the time since I last wrote I turned 31, which was a bit depressing, but I have decided that once I turn 32 that is it and I am done, I will stay 32 until the lie is not convincing anymore. My birthday was fun, we saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and Jeff made me dinner with my favorite wine. And then I spent all my time divided evenly between packing, writing and summer school. Now I am enjoying my vacation by writing and watching the four channels that I have right now because cable can not be hooked up until next week. One would think it wouldn’t take that long, but I think that we are being punished. You see we decided to get direct tv, and cancelled our cable service. But then we could not get a satellite signal, damn mountain! So I had to slink back to cable, and I think the long wait is punishment for leaving in the first place. I would like to say that without TV we have been doing much more intellectual stuff, but that would be untrue. Instead we signed up for Netflix and have been watching the complete Firefly series. Now this was recommended to me, but by the time I started to watch it, it was cancelled. So I have decided to catch up through the DVD set, it has been fun, but not so much for you because that means I have not been doing much to keep you all entertained. I will take some pics as I unpack and let you all se the new house.

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