Sunday, August 28, 2005

Thank god my hubby is a tech geek.....

which is how I got the pics up and linked at the side. I tried...I really trie dto figure it out myself, and then I sat in front of the laptop sighing and making frustrated noises until hubby finally asked what i was doing. (I hoped that he would do this sooner, but he is on a mission to get me over my passive aggressive ways and just ask for what I want....he has no idea about women!!!!). So anyhow, J figured out that there was editing and html.....and he just did it because he is a wonderful tech geek by night (like superman). So now I have posted some pics of my finshed projects and linked them on the side. Last night I thought I would take some more pics of finished projects I have around, and also some pics of the new house to email all the folks back in illinois, but alas the camera, which has not been used for awhile, had a dead battery. I am charging it now, and attempting to get the new place in a better order before showing people. I am frustrated that everything is not done, but hey i have only been here a few weeks, I can't expect everything to be perfect! Oh well, I am off to prepare class for this week and email all my friends and family this blog address so that they can keep up!!!!! Coming later if I have story of knitting.


Theeee One and Only Julie Miles said...

Hola Jessica! I believe that I am your VERY first BLOG commenter! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I too started a Blog but because my husband is not a tech geek, I could not figure out how to post pics, so I became extremely frustrated and gave up! I am a bit upset because my very first blog was a bit was about our trip to Mexico and how I passed out on our very first day there! That damn tequila will do that to you! Anyhow, keep the blogs coming! I promise to read every single one of them. I can't say that the knitting excites me too much...that is until you have a picture of Jason's hat up to view! I don't think that I will truly believe that you knit until I see the pic posted! I hope you and Jeff are doing well in WV. Even though we didn't get to see eachother much when you lived in the Land of Lincoln, I still miss ya! You feel so far away. We will certainly plan on making the trip to visit the two of you soon. As for me, the new job starts September 6. My last day with LaSalle was today. I tried to start the new job early, but they already had my orientation and first official hire date in the system, so I opted for an extra week of vacation....OH DARN! What the hell will I do for a week?? I am sure I will think of something! Maybe I will take up knitting! Well kiddo, take care of yourself and Jeffrey tooooo! Tell him to stay away from the Pink Pony until Jason arrives! Love ya tons! Jules

Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope I am doing this right.By the way jess.your mom is not so inept at a computer as you might think.I will be checking things out and I too want to see Jason wearing his hat. Hi jeff, hope you survive Jessy's blog.Miss you guys already. Love mom


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