Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"It's Alive!"

Well Dell came through and I now have a working laptop…YEAH! I am very happy that I do not have to share a computer with my husband anymore. I mean I love him and will gladly share my life with him, but a computer? That’s just asking for trouble. I’m just kidding, I am actually a good sharer and no one better correct me in the comments section! The docking station thing is actually very cool, but we are still sharing a desk because Jeff’s desk did not make the move and we haven’t gotten a small one for the other room yet. But we are doing the best we can. I still haven’t gotten pics of the house done yet, and I really have no excuse, I finished reading a Grisham novel today, which consumed pretty much all afternoon. I make no excuses for that because I HAD to find out what happened to the Broker if I were to sleep well tonight. But I thought I should blog anyway because I guess many people need my blog to keep from doing other stuff (like work, homework, grading paper ect). I greatly respect that sort of procrastination, so I must oblige.
I am very excited that tonight the season premiers of both Lost and Law and Order are on!!! I am trying to wait patiently for tonight, but this new time zone simply means I have to wait longer!!! I am super excited that Jesse Martin is back on L&O. I know that some people were worried when he left the show for a short time last year, but those in the know knew that he was simply taking time off to go shoot the movie version of Rent. Why you ask? Because of course he was in the original cast on Broadway as Tom Collins. I simply cannot wait until Nov. when the movie comes out! The plans are to have a reunion with the beloved Will and Jennie and see it together. Of course this was when I thought the movie was coming out Nov. 10th. But when I checked the movie site last night it said that it was coming out Nov. 23rd, which is the night before T-day, which may throw a wrench into the plans. I’m not sure, but until then I will walk around singing “525,600 minutes…..” because I am so excited! Just watching the trailer makes me want to cry….ooh I can’t wait, I just hope Rosario Dawson can play Mimi, I haven’t heard her sing yet and we all know the person who plays Mimi needs to have some pipes!
I am also slightly excited about the ER premier on Thurs, although Jeff is not. But I am a loyal girl, I committed to ER a decade ago, and I can not turn my back on it now, no matter how crappy it gets! Well, there is a line! When they killed off Lucy I stopped watching for awhile, but I always go back….this is probably not the best relationship!
I am also happily crocheting away with…NEW YARN!!! Sent to me of course MomP who is once again donating to a good cause! I will have pics of the new yarn in the next few days as well as pics of the house if I don’t get caught up in the new trashy book I have staring at me from the table!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
No one can prorastinate like you except maybe your mother. Yes I am glad law and order is back with Jesse Martin.Did you also notice that Chris Noth is coming back to one of the law and orders. I always did love Mr. Big.Enjoy ER. I also lost interest when they killed off Lucy and turned John into a druggie. Got to go I am at work. Talk to you later.


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