Saturday, February 11, 2006

No one mourns the wicked……

So I have found my new obsession. Now anyone who know me knows that I get obsessed fairly often and while some things stick (knitting) others don’t and eventually I get bored and move on. But I think this one will stick, most likely because I love musical theatre already.

I had heard of the musical Wicked before, from like minded theatre loving friends, and to be quite frank I’m an English professor, which means that a vast majority of my friends are like minded. But it wasn’t until MomP let me download her copy of the original cast recording that I really got into it. And now, my love has grown to near epic Rent-like proportions. I downloaded the soundtrack into my ipod (well Jeff’s ipod that is now my ipod) and have been happily singing along since, especially while I work. Of course I knew I would like the music, especially when I found out that Idina Menzel, the original Maureen in Rent, was the original Elphaba (the wicked witch of the west). My favorite right now is “This Feeling”, which is funny because I know people that I would like to sing this song to! MomP had seen and loved it and my Jennie saw it in DC over Christmas and gave a glowing review. Of course now I would like to see it on stage, but as you know I live in West Virginia, which is not too much a Mecca for musical theatre (although Jane Monheit is coming this weekend and we have plans to go see her).

So I went online to find the tour schedule and lo and behold Wicked will be in Cincinnati the weekend we will be there in March for a friends wedding. This is also the weekend before Spring break, so there will be no rush to get back. This has initiated the search for two tickets that don’t have me stuck behind some pole, but so far no luck. Well I shouldn’t say that because Jeff did find tickets for $145 a person, but I felt that at that price I would be the one in the theatre and Jeff would have to wait outside. We are still looking, so wish us luck! On a happier note Amazon has the release date for the Rent DVD as Feb. 21rst. Who knew the damn thing would come out so soon, but I for one am not complaining, I already have plans to be at the store that Tuesday morning, and no one better be in line in front of me!

That is all from West Virginia tonight; I must go and cheer on the US pairs figure skating team!


Anonymous said...

Hey hon -
Idina was the original Maureen - but it was cute to see you try.


Anonymous said...

PS> Go to and you can see most of it online.


Anonymous said...

Hi Honey, I hope you find your tickets. I also want to remind you of your obssession with Phantom of the Opera, Miss Sigon, and in high school, the Beauty and the Beast. I don't call it an obssession, but a passion. Love you Mom
P.S. Keep me informed.
P.P.S. Call, I have some new gossip


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