Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Finally some knitting........

So I know that I have not updated in a while, it seems to be a common occurrence around these parts. I have been working very hard and writing my brains out. I want this damn dissertation finished soon. And because of this and the working thing I have not had much time to knit. Although I did find time to cut off all of my hair! Pics will soon follow. I did start a new scarf. As the weather has gotten cooler and I needed a coat, I realized that the cool brocade coat I bought last year did not have scarf to go with it. So I went through my pattern books and found one I liked, and a pretty blue yarn that I thought would go nice. This also gave me an excuse to use the wooden needles I bought in Sept. at the art fair. They are hand whittled and were like $5, so that made me happy as well. I decided on a lace pattern that is delicate enough to look good with the coat, but also warm enough for the WV winter (although probably not the IL one). I am progressing nicely; I tend to knit when I need a break and have a few minutes from writing or working. I am also including some pics of the new furniture. I love it, it is microfiber, so anything on it comes right off with a little water. And since this is the first furniture that we have that was not handed down to us, I have exiled the animals from it. They don’t love it but they will get used to it. I will update on the scarf and some thought I have for Christmas gifts. I think everyone should get a homemade gift at least once, so when I have them that is what they will get. I am also open for suggestions from anyone. That is all for now, I am must get back to work!

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Nikki said...

OMG!!! That's our furniture. We bought the couch and loveseat. Clearly, good taste you have.



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