Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Semester is Over!

And we all dance! I dropped off all of my administrative paperwork, and am officially done with the semester. Jeff and I went out for a celebratory lunch and now I am left sitting on my couch looking at the disaster of a house that I haven’t had time to clean in three weeks. But I think I will do that tomorrow, today I will sit like a slug on my couch and enjoy doing nothing. Tomorrow I will clean, run some errands and basically get stuff done that I haven’t had time to do lately, namely get a hair appointment and start getting ready for Florida. Yes we leave next Friday to Chicago for a b-day party and from there we are flying to Orlando for one sun soaked week of Mickey and his friends. I can not wait. I will swim and drink and basically act like a hokey tourist for awhile before I get back home and have to face summer. Of course the only pressing matter for summer is finishing my last chapter, defending and hopefully preparing for a job next year.

I do have lots of pics and updates for you. I am working on a cute little sweater for the newest addition to the family and I still have not shared the pictures from the Boston trip, and I will get to all of that I promise, but for now I am a lazy slob on the couch, tomorrow I will be productive.

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