Friday, November 16, 2007

I think we have a mouse..

Yes, you read that correctly. And it seems to be a pretty smart mousie as well, he has found a way to the food without having to play chicken with the cats. Unfortuantely mousie has worn out his welcome and there is an electric trap waiting for him, and that is a human death for him, I was just going to open the door and let Ella and Louie go after him, so he should be grateful.

So this all started with Louie. I had noticed that Louie, for the past few weeks had taken up sentry right in front of the cabinets under the sink. He just sat there and stared for hours in the evening, occasionally scratching at the door. At first I thought that maybe a bug had gotten in there. We have a lot of camel crickets try to come in when the weather starts getting cold. Now Louie really does not like the crickets and tends to leave cricket corpses scattered across the basement, probably as a warning to others. So I thought that maybe a cricket had gotten into to the cabinet, but I was wrong. Just this week we started to hear the unmistakable sounds of mousie scratching coming from the cabinet. I, of course being a wussy when faced with the thought of rodents, made Jeff go look. He did not see a mouse, but did find a hole that came up right into that cabinet. Now this is below the sink, where we keep the garbage. So this mouse had found a way into the house and right to the garbage without having to face any cats. Now this is a smart mousie, because if he ever came outside of that cabinet Louie or Ella would have him. But an intelligent mouse is still a mouse and so must die. Last night a spoke to the cabinet, telling the mousie not to come back, and if he did he would not be happy. Then today I bought and electric trap, one that will kill mousie inside a nice box and I will never have to see him. I do not feel bad. He was warned and if he comes back he is responsible for his own death.

On a different note, I will be trying to cook a small t-day dinner for Jeff and I on Sat. Yes I said that I would cook it, and I think I will do very well. (And Jeff will be there the entire time, so calm down!)

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