Sunday, March 09, 2008

Finally introducing...

Miss Lillian Grace. She arrived in this world in a hurry that made mommy a little crazy and unable to get proper pain meds, but she is perfect and came out into the world raring to go. I will someday forgive jeff for taking pics right after when I look like a zombie, but in my defense I was just put on some lovely drugs. Besides which, with the lighting in some of these pictures Lilly and I I both look like extras in Dawn of the Dead.
But I am sure that you want a good story, so here goes. I awoke at 6am on Feb. 17 to find that I lost my mucus plug (I know it’s gross to hear but it is actually the least gross thing in this story, so you may want to skip down a little if you are queasy). By 10 am I was having contractions that were not horribly painful, but not fun and were about 20 minutes apart. Over the course of the day they got progressively closer and by 4pm they were seven minutes apart. By 7:30 they had moved to 5 minutes apart and had been that way for an hour, so off we went to the hospital. I had been having contractions all day, so you can imagine my disappointment when after 2 hours of monitoring me, I was not dilated at all. But since I was having contractions they decided to give me some cervidil and induce me in the morning with pic. Well as it turns out the cervidil was all I needed and within an hour and a half I was dilated to 4. Which meant it was time for the epidural, but in the 30 minutes it took to get the anesthesiologist down to my room, I had dilated to 7! I guess Lilly was more like mom then I had thought because once she made up her mind to come she was coming. The epi was not bad and thus followed the best two hours of my life. I say two hours because as it turned out the epi was misplaced, or moved, and soon I was back in very active labor. The best part of this (sense the sarcastic tone) was that the only way to fix the problem was to redo the epidural, but because Miss Lilly was coming so fast there was no time. So I had a pain med free birth, not what I had planned on at all. Afterwards I told Jeff I would do this again only if they promised me a scheduled C-section because natural childbirth with no meds was simply too painful. And you can call me a wussy right now and that is fine. I know that women have done it without meds for hundreds of thousands of years and I do not care, God invented narcotics for a reason and that is because he loves us! I will not go into the details, but let’s just say that I told everyone there I was leaving at some point, which I know was crazy, but there it was. I did not curse or yell at anyone, but let’s just say after I felt bad anyway. But the end result was worth it as Lilly came out just perfect (apgar 9 and 10). And while she was a bit bruised up her first day she soon began to fill out nicely.

She came home to a very happy mommy and daddy and while sleep is at a premium here, we are plodding along just fine. So without further ado, so pics of Lilly’s first weeks of life, more will follow!

Soon to come....more Lilly pics, with grandparents and walking like an Egyptian!


Nikki said...

You're nothing if not graphic :) Glad you didn't go into more detail, or I would probably go ball up in my bed and refuse to come out again...getting a bit nervous about this part - but look at the reward! She's so precious!

jen said...

Congrats!! Glad the "labor" is over...let the fun times begin!!


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