Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

It is Miss Lilly's first halloween and I searched for the perfect costume. I wanted her to be a lady bug, mostly because I call her bug. But we had a hard time finding it, so we bought a poodle costume all pink and fuzzy. The poodle did not go over well. I wish I had pics but Lilly threw such a fit we had to take it off and hide it because if she even saw some pink fluff she would start to cry. So then I found the perfect ladybug outfit, but Lilly was not too thrilled with this one either. She would not cooperate for pictures, so I had to work with what I had in post processing with picnick.

First we have crawling bug. She is not too happy with that hood and the original picture was, well not great. So I cropped it a bit and did some highlighting.

Next we have my attempt to show off the wings on the costume, which Lilly refused to show on her own, this you will see some of me behind her. This one was cropped to get the cat and me out of the frame. I sharpened and brightened the color and then applyed some cool effect called vignette, which I really just used to try to block me out of the background.

And finally we have my favorite Halloween picture, which is funny since you cannot even see the costume, but I find it adorable non-the less. Miss Lilly finally grabbed the strap to the camera, so instead of trying to take it away, I snapped a few pics. This one is SOOC, no post processing because I did not think it needed it.

Figuring I fought the good fight I broke down and while at the Mall trick or treat party we stopped into the picture place and had them give it a try. Miss Lilly was actually a good girl and we got some good pictures, which I will post once I scan them in.

In all I think that Miss Lilly's first Halloween wasa success! Now on to Thanksgiving!

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