Monday, November 17, 2008

Out of Comission

Many (ok like 2) people may be wondering where the hell I have been. I mean I make a promise to update my blog more and to take pictures and the like, so where have I been. Well I have been taken out of comission for a few weeks due to this.

That is a badly sprained finger. This had made it somewhat difficult to type (though I have adapted) and really difficult to take pictures. It seems my fancy camera needs two hands, even this pic I took with my phone because I could minimize shake. I would like to tell you some heroic story of how I did this, but the truth is much more boring. I fell. I stepped off of the porch to untangle the dogs leash and then I tried to step back on the porch and missed. I was holding the handle of the retractable leash and when I fell it snapped my fingers back. Only the middle one was really hurt, although the other ones are bruised. I also have some wonderful bruises on my knee. Yes I am a clutz. Although I would love a different story, especially considering what finger it is one would think I could have a great story. But neither my student or I could come up with one that makes me look good. Any takers? A prize to the best story on how I hurt my finger...what do you say?

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