Sunday, February 01, 2009

Any excuse for a picture

I have really good excuses for not posting for awhile, which includes: a sick husband, a sick baby with a double ear infection, a sick husband again, the start of school, insane snow and ice, and a power outage. I think those are good reasons, but I do have pictures. These first ones are what happens when the power goes out for 3 hours and it's cold outside. Basically this means mommy dresses you up in several layers with no concern about your fashion sense.

I am especially proud of this one as I was able to photoshop out the runny nose and all you can see is Miss Lilly's pretty baby blues.

Of course we are getting excited around here for our trip to Disney World in March, which prompted another photo shoot with Lilly in her Disney outfits. Now Jeff and I do have one bone to pick with Disney, they do not make many outfits small enough to fit Lilly, but we do have a Minnie Mouse we bought on super sale after Halloween and a Tinkerbell from Auntie Shell.

And of course we watched the Inaguration here, very happy with our new President. Lilly drew up her chair to pay close attention, I am so excited that we now have a White house featuring complete and grammatically correct sentences. Yes We Can!

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