Monday, July 06, 2009

Not Me Monday

This is my first foray into Not Me Monday, but it sounded like fun. I have been reading the blog My Charming Kids for awhile, she is super fun and started this carnival, so head over there and check out what other people are saying.

I did not google information about hair growth in toddlers because I am not, as my husband insists, obsessed with the fact that my daughter has such little hair. Who would be that vain and shallow, definitely not me.
I have not been bribing my daughter with Oreo cookies to get down off of things she has climbed onto because I still am not allowed to lift her after my surgery, which would not be healthy and speak to my inability to ask for help, nope, not me.
I did not stay up too late last night watching the two part reunion of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and googling the “big secret” because I am so not too overly involved in reality shows just because I am on summer break. Those are the sort of things that English professor do not do, so I totally did not do that.
I did not let out a loud string of profanities when I dropped something heavy and pointy on my foot. Nope, not me. I totally did not do thing in front of Lilly and she totally did not find it hysterically funny. And I do not have nightmares in which Lilly yells out her first swear word in the middle of church, which is not one of the reasons we totally sit in the cry room. Nope that never happened.
I don’t love these two people more than anything in this world and I am totally not one lucky girl.

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jen said...

FYI: a recent scientific study showed that letting loose a string of swear words actually DOES make your foot feel better. A word of caution, if you over use the cursing, it looses its effectiveness. But you don't need to know that because you didn't curse about something that didn't fall and didn't therefore hit your foot....


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