Wednesday, October 26, 2005

House pics!

When I started his blog I did so under the impression that I could keep my friends and family informed of all that was going on in our lives while we were so far away. But I think that I underestimated the interesting things that happen to me on a day to day basis. There was, I suppose, a reason that I didn’t call all the people that I know everyday, because they probably wouldn’t want to know the minutia of everyday. And this is, of course, my mea culpa for not writing for almost two weeks, nothing really exciting has happened. Although I finally finished reading the fourth Harry Potter, which meant of course that I had to run right out and get the fifth one. Jeff is afraid that I will now become one of the Harry Potter fanatics. I don’t think I will, but I do like the books, they are fun and I have to admit that I for one would like a few magic powers, it would be cool and I would only use my powers for good (well most of the time). So I don’t have powers, at least I have funny friends. If you look at the comments from the last entry you will see that one of my friends has taken on the persona of Zippy to have a little fun. I wish I could say that I knew who it was, but unfortunately I have more then one friend with a dry sense of humor and the willingness to slack off and write something like that. I appreciate it though, for what it is worth and would like to know who the funny one is! But to keep you all interested with this blog, even though I have said nothing new, I am leaving you all with some pics of the house.
The first pics are of the bedroom, which is the only room (besides the mater bath) upstairs. It is HUGE! I am sure that by the time that we get our own house I will miss all the space in this room. To give you some perspective, know that we have a king sized bed and a couch and chair all up here and there is still space. As you come up the stairs from the living room is a small space that we have dubbed Martini Corner, although the cats are the ones who enjoy it the most. So enjoy the pics! Coming soon, pics of the living room and outside and hopefully some of the socks that I am making with my new sock yarn. Actually the yarn is not new, I used a gift certificate to purchase it a couple of months ago, but have not had the chance to get to it, now I am attempting socks, but who know how that will o. Hopefully well, but I am having problems finding a good pattern. If I can get the socks into any sort of shape I will take some pictures!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hon,
The pictures of the house are lovely, but I have to say it makes me miss you all the more. (What can I say it is one of those nights.) I hope you and Zippy have come to an understanding. Just remember, you could be living in Florida with a real pin head affectionly called the prez's brother. There is a prespective on everything. Yeah White Soxs. thanks for that brief call. love you, Mom

Hil said...

Hey Jess~ I echo what your Mom said - we miss you!! Denny's just isn't the same without you; can't go there any more; my heart would break with weeping... Heh... I love teaching Hamlet - it makes my prose all purple. Check out the new sweater I'm knitting :) Love to Jeff & the wee beasties...

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, keep them coming. The bedroon looks fantastic.Great Job!!!!!!!!.

Love mom p


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