Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Christmas Tradition

In keeping with the great holiday tradition of making small children sit on the lap of a total stranger dressed very strangely and then taking pictures, we took Lilly to the mall. We dressed her up in a cute little coat/dress combo that I call her Jackie-O outfit and set out to stand in line with other cute children and their parents. I stood there watching one after another child scream when they were set in Santa's lap, but I was confident that my little bug would be just fine. So I walked right up to Santa and set Lilly down, adjusting her cute little outfit and tried to walk away. Miss Lilly looked up at the nice Santa and started to scream. I was a very bad mommie and laughed my ass off. I know I should have been more feeling, but it was funny. I got her to stop crying for one shot, so that is the one we went with. This is scanned in, so please ignore the smootz. Finals start on Monday, and I will grade 1.2 million exams in four days, but once that is over I will get back to taking my own pictures. I am so looking forward to Christmas break- one glorious month off!

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Brad Smith said...

If you think you all will have some free time over X-mas, shoot me an email ( Maybe we can have lunch or dinner whlle you're in town.


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