Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

Actually it has looked liked Christmas for awhile for now, but since I have been paying attention to my real job (you know the one that actually pays my bills) and since finals came upon us life has been hectic. But now all the grades have been turned in and I am ready to catch up with my blogging. I will start at the begining though, since that is where the story always starts. We spent some time with our families over Thanksgiving and got into the Christmas mood right away by attending the Festival of Trees.
I always loved this event when I was young, and I have not been in ages, so I thought it would be fun. While it was fun and we got to see some very cool and weird trees,

I remember it being a lot bigger, of course I was probably a lot smaller.

We returned home and as any academic knows those few weeks between Thankgiving and Finals in insane. You have last minute grading and finals to write and then grade and in between that all you need to do all of the holiday stuff: decorate, shop, send out cards, clean, cook and do laundary. But we did get around to decorating. We of course had to buy our tree from the Lilly Farm, we didn't even look anywhere else. And Lilly took to decorating like a champ. She was especially taken with this one Snowman on a sled that sings. She helped as much as she could while I let jeff do most of it and just took pictures. She was mostly unimpressed until it was time for the treetopper. That she really enjoyed.

A few days later i thought that I would try some of thos neat pictures I have been seeing everywhere of children and lights without a flash. This did not go well. It seems as though to do this correctly you need a combination of a cooperating child and a steady hand. I had neither. I am still trying to save some of these in PP, so I will post more soon.

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