Sunday, January 04, 2009

Lilly's first Christmas Take 1

Wow has it been a crazy, crazy few weeks as we finished up the semester and set off on a whirlwind tour of Chicago and the Quad Cities. Ok, maybe it wasen't so much whirlwind, but we did see our familes and Lilly got to enjoy her cousins and doting grandparents, aunts and uncles. We started our Christmas early as we had a fun family Christmas before we left for Chicago, where we would spend our actual Christmas. It was fun and since Lilly does not know what Christmas is or even what day of the week it is, she didn't mind. I can not wait until next year when she has more awareness about all things Christmas and can enjoy more of her mommy and daddy's favorite holiday. Next year we will stay at home for Christmas and then tour the midwest. Lilly has actually been entralled with the decorations for awhile. She loves the tree and all of the lights and especially her pink stocking from Grandma P that hangs near her highchair. With this in mind I thought I would try to take some cool pictures of her playing with the lights using no flash. This did not work out very well as I can not seem to steady my hand and Lilly could not sit still, but I did get a few good ones. The rest are just blurred lights, like some weird holiday ghost. We got the family party off to a good start with this which is what Jeff and I gave eachother. Fun pictures of that to follow. Lilly did not seem interested in the presents at all until she realized she could rip them open, then she was all smiles. Jeff and I decided that since we buy her toys whenever the fancy strikes and she would be showered with gifts from the family, that we would each get her one thing and hopefully save some tiny space in the house for us to live in. Jeff opted for this awesome Mickey Mouse Airplane that she can ride. And boy does she love it, especially the light up propeller. Let's just say that Jeff and I will have some very strong arms from pushing her around the living room until she gets tall enough for her feet to touch the ground. I got her a purple plush tinkerbell chair that she also loves. She sits down in it with her bottle and chills, but as soon as I get the camera the little stinker refuses to sit still. So no pictures of that yet. I will update in the next few days with Christmas 2008 Part 2: Chicago and then of course Part 3: Quad Cities. But now I must try to get some of these toys put away so I can walk through the living room!

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