Monday, May 08, 2006

Knitting Again!

I know, I have been very lax about keeping everyone up to date on my knitting projects, but give a girl a break, it’s almost finals and I have students crawling out of the woodwork! Yes, that and I am very lazy about taking some pictures. But I am here now and promise to be much better about updating my knitting. Of course the problem is that I blog about what I am doing at the time and unfortunately knitting is something that too often gets pushed to the side when school and life become too hectic. I started knitting because I thought it would be relaxing, and it is, when I get to do it. Sometimes I look at the work piled on my desk and all I want to do is knit. I usually make deals with myself, I set goals that motivate me, if I get through so many papers, or write so many pages I get some uninterrupted knitting time. It is sad that I have to partition out my time like this, but such is the life of the academic. I am looking forward to the end of the semester, between spring and summer classes I will have four and a half weeks off. Now most of that time must be spent working on the diss, but no classes means no papers and no prep. I can work during the day and then knit at night. I also have a stack of books and movies waiting for me to have some free time. Believe me I will make the most of that time!

But enough about that, what you really want, what I have promised is that there will be pics of the newest works in progress. Now back in December I told Steph that I could knit her a blanket that she say at Linens N’ Things for way cheaper then what they were selling it for. Let’s just say that I overestimated my talents. I am almost done, but it has taken me way to long to get through a project with chunky yarn on 17 needles.
I am about 3/4th of the way through it, and I hope to be done by this weekend when I will see Steph, she will probably enjoy getting the blanket that she has been waiting for. I worked with Homespun, and I think that it is coming out really well. Jeff really likes it; he says that he wants me to get to work on one for us, of course in different colors to match our bedroom. Maybe I will become a knitter for hire, touring the country and selling hand knit blankets. Of course that would not be such a great use of the PhD. But I am excited that I can get Jeff to the cool yarn store in Kanawha City where I will go on a yarn extravaganza!

My second project I am super excited about, a pretty sweater for my new niece. I think it will be great because she is due in September and will be able to wear my pretty sweater right away. I have the great book Simple Knits for Cherished Babies, and it has some of the most beautiful designs.
I chose this one because I could rim it if I wanted, but it looks awesome without it. I am using a Lion’s Brand mohair mix. It is so soft and pink, like a cloud. I love, love, love it! Right now I only have the back done, but as soon as the blanket is done I will finish it. It is on tiny 3 needles, but it is for a newborn, so it goes pretty quickly. I wanted to make a blanket too, but they take so super long that I don’t know it I can do it. I could crochet it, I have started a pretty pink one, but I think MomP might disown me. But I will finish a few blankets for the Church baby shower drive for area charities.

Well I am off for now. We are headed to Chicago and Rock Island this weekend for Jeff and my Mom’s graduations, so I will not be able to update for awhile. Of course I will see you all anyway!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Yes i think you can find a better use of your PhD then knitting, not that those things are perfectly lovely. I can hardly wait to see you on Sunday. Love Mom


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