Monday, May 01, 2006

PhD Ski

Yes, be jealous, I am married to a Dr! Jeff defended his dissertation on Friday and now all those years of hard work are over, well except for the job, research, teaching and administration work. Wow, so it never really ends? Such is the life we have chosen, and what the hell we can get summers off!

We had a good time at the hotel and at the party after, actually Friday was one long hang with the peeps in normal, after the defense we went to the Irish pub and then to Luddy’s for more fun. It was awesome to see everyone again, I miss them so much! But I guess that is the way it goes, eventually everyone has to move on, and while it is sad you know that academia is not that large and you will see these people again, usually at a conference and for those who have ever bee, the good times at the conference happen in the hotel bar. Actually most intellectual work happens in the bar!

Of course on the way to Illinois, Jeff’s back passenger brake went out, fortunately we were stopped at a gas station with a mechanic across the street. Two hours and $340 later we were back on the road, of course this meant that missed dropping off Spenser at the kennel, and he stayed with us in the hotel. But the fun did not stop there, brake fluid kept leaking and we ended up in Chicago, leaving the car with my in-laws and taking their Nissan for the trip back. This car is stylin’! It still smells like a new car! I tried to trade and Momp said that it would cost me my first born; I am tempted to take it. All of this set us back a day, but that was OK, we got to hang with Michele. On the down side we had to leave the Spenser, but we will be back in a week for Jeff’s grad, so all in all not too bad. Now I know that you all want pics and updates on knitting, but give a girl a break! I have been busy, but I promise updates and pics soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Congratulations Jeff.What do you do for an encore?(Kids I hope)
Sorry I haven't answered the blog for a while, I have been busy too. But I do love and miss you guys, see you soon. Love, Mom


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