Thursday, May 25, 2006

My So Called Life

So I have started three knitting projects, which some might believe to be some sort of self flagellation, but in actuality is simply me on my first week of vacation. As most of you know I am not a person who can have lots of free time, I am just not used to it and need projects to give me something to do. And before everyone and their brother emails me, yes I am writing, the diss is coming along. I have partitioned off the day to work on that, but I now have the evenings to fill up and there is crappola on TV because all the seasons are over. Of course I could watch all the stuff I have on DVR that I didn’t have time to watch before, particularly a half season of Lost. I will of course get to that all, but right now I have chosen to use my time to knit.

As many of you know I have been toiling away at Steph’s blanket, what I have named the blanket that will not end. I decided that I needed a break from it because every time I picked it up I was reminded of the deer saga because I had been working on it about an hour before we hit the deer and put it away when Jeff remarked that if the airbags went off that I might lose an eye. So needing a beak from the blanket that would not end, I whipped up some booties for baby girl p, who better not come out baby boy p because I am also working on a sweater in pink. I am done with the back and have made some progress on one front side.
I have also picked out a blanket to knit the new edition; it is from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies and can be personalized with a letter in the center and I have wanted to knit it since I saw it. But I haven’t started. Why? Not because I don’t have enough yarn, when I mentioned needing more Jeff asked me to walk downstairs to revisit the stash that is over flowing the huge basket that can not contain it. It is simply because blankets take so much time, even when it is for a baby I almost don’t want to commit, but I must because new babies always need blankets and since I am under an edict straight from MomP that I may not crochet the blankets they must be knit. And if baby girl p does not have one, but her sister does I will pay for it some day. I can not be that aunt, I must be the favorite one!

The other project is one that I have wanted to do for awhile, but it required work, which means I had to rifle through the stash to find the left over yarn I wanted to use from the felted diaper bag. But I desperately need a notions bag, have needed one since last year when I lost mine. I quickly replaced my notions, not so much with the bag, so I have decided on this.
It is knitted in the round and called for circular needles, but I started it on DPN’s because I felt like it. I have since gotten over my rebellious streak and moved to the correct needles,
accepting that the author of Weekend Knitting might know a bit more than I do. I will update when I finish and felt. I am not too keen on that right now because of the broken dryer, I don’t want to use towels because then I would not have a way to dry them, I may, however use something else. I will have to think on this and suggestion will be accepted (but not ones that point out that someone who is almost a PhD, married to another PhD should use their brain to find some way to felt a damn bag).

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Nikki said...

I'm impressed you're still knitting. My scarves were as far as I was ever able to go...oh well. They look really nice (btw, I still use the scarf you knitted every winter - it makes me happy).

love ya,


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