Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birthday Party Part 2

Still trying to catch up here, so yes these are still from the party in Febuary. The pictures were all taken by our friend Brent who agreed to be the photog for us, but I did all the post processing.

First some more cake pictures. Lilly enjoyed the frosting, but was a little too prissy to really get messy. Maybe she is my daughter.

After cake it was onto a very fun Polish tradition for babies on their first birthday. So this is how it works, you take a shot glass, a rosery and a coin and put them all in front of the baby and see which one they go for first. The rosery means that they will lead a rleigious life, the coin they will be financially successful and the shot glass, well you get the picture. Of course being Polish and Irish I really thought that Lilly would go for the shot glass right away, but she went for the coin.
Actually she went for the coin just slightly before she went for the rosery. She completely ignored the shotglass, which shocked us all.

And then it was present time. After a quick costume change (Minnie Mouse was full of cake) we opened all the awesome presents that people brought sweet Lilly.

She really wanted to get into her bath toys.

And she liked Thomas the Tank as well.

She was not too interested in unwrapping the paper until she saw that there were toys.

And of course she wanted every present open right away.

"Forget the clothes mom, it's Abby!"

And this about sums it all up. Baby dolls, books and shoes and Lilly wanted to play with them all at the same time.
We had such a good time and Lilly slept well that night.

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