Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

So Jeff celebrated his second official father's day today. Between Lilly and I we made sure that he had lots of fun and lots of love. Now Lilly is far too young for me to ask her about her daddy but since dada was her first word, I think she's smitten. Obviously we know that since the day she was born,

she has been a daddy's girl.

But as she has grown daddy has become her very favorite playmate.

I do not know if I even have the words to describe the amazing father that my husband is. He is the rock of our little family, the one you can always count on. From charming a baby smile to rocking that same baby to sleep,

he is always there for Lilly and for me. And I know that if Lilly could tell you she would go on and on about how much she loves her daddy,

who is the favorite in her castle and will always be her Prince Charming.

Thank you Jeff for all that you do and for being the most amazing father ever. We love you very much!
Love Jess and Lilly

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