Monday, June 08, 2009

The Spenser Chronicles

A Shutter Sisters Assignment:

This, in case you have no idea who I am, is Spenser, our 7 year old boxer.

He looks a little sad in this pictures, but this is, in fact, his tired face. Actually it is his tired and leave me alone face. I took this picture on Mothers Day 2008, the day my husband got me my DSLR camera and I went crazy playing with it. The dog was a prime target as the baby was asleep. At this point he had escaped to the window seat to take a nap and a break from all the snapping, as you can see it did not work.

Spenser, named after Edmund Spenser of the Faire Queen, was the first thing my husband and I co-owned (this was actually before we were married). He really wanted a dog and my suggestions that we go to the pound were met with withering looks as he wanted a specific dog (hey do not judge us for not adopting a dog, both cats were percured from the pound, so I am rescuing some animals, just not dogs it seems). After weeks of seaching we found a litter in Indiana and out of the pile of squirming tongues and feet Jeff picked out Spenser. He is the best dog, always sweet and loving, in seven years I have never heard the dog growl or show his teeth. If a burgler broke into the house Spenser would bring him a toy. He is trying at times as are all Boxers, but we wouldn'trade him for the world, he is after all Lilly's favorite playmate.

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